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I love God, my wife & kids, my grand kids, my family, and my country. Colorado native by birth, southern by the grace of God. As a young lad I served in the U S Navy to avoid prosecution by the courts. I've spent the last 25+ years in the steel industry. Left that a few years ago to do my own thing. I love building things that have rubber tires and gasoline. Mostly Harley's and Jeeps but I'm open to anything. I like going where most people can't or wont. I love the freedom of the open road. I love my life. Every good and bad thing I've done has got me to where I am today and I wouldn't trade that for the world.
Florence SC
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I only put my faith
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Hanging out with my wife riding motorcycles, traveling. Building bikes and Jeeps the way they look in my mind. Hanging out on the beach. Kicking it with good friends. Deep sea fishing. Playing with my big headed dog. Giving my grand kids things that make our daughter shake her head.
Building sh#t
Favorite Music:
Beethoven to Metallica and a lot in between.
Favorite TV Shows:
How It's Made
Favorite Movies:
Pulp Fiction, Easy Rider, The longest Day and pretty much anything with John Wayne.
Favorite Books:
The one about the great " I AM "
Favorite Quotes:
" As long as the number of times you get up outnumbers the times your knocked down. " Said by the strongest man I've ever known, my Father.

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